Our Team

Does your business have an information technology strategy ?

IT Stategy Works has grown out of a consultancy company  called New Mode Technology  started  by or CEO – David Morton in 1997.

The vision of IT Strategy Works is to bring the skills of experienced CTO ( Chief Technology Officer) and CIO ( Chief Information officer) level professionals within the reach of smaller organisations  with a typical £20K to £250K annual IT spend.

David has held senior roles in a number of organisations ranging from startup through public sector to multi national corporate.

Through holding these roles, David has developed an extensive network of trusted individuals. It is these individuals who provide  a selection of  experienced intellectual resource that can be deployed on  customer projects.

The currently and recently deployed associates include:

An ex MD of a  world leading Japanese Technology company

An ex  public sector IT director

An Ex CTO of an on line education provider

A specialist in cloud architecture

A specialist in Web marketing

IT security and Information Governance specialists.

Programme and Project managers